Blue Waxbills were always present on our farm, Dunduff, in the De Kaap Valley that stretches out from the foothills of the Makhonjwa Mountains. They would frequently gather around the outbuildings to feed on the spilled mealie meal or congregate at the bird bath on the front lawn.

My parents were particularly fond of them and, because the colour of their feathers were akin to the beautiful blue of my mother’s eyes, my father dubbed them ‘Mummy Birds’ when we were very young.

It is probably because of this that Blue Waxbills symbolise the enduring affection my parents had for each other.

Through all the ups and downs in their lives, my parents were the perfect role models for me in terms of their loyalty towards each other; their trust in each other; the forgiveness they showed; the compassion they both had for others; and above all, the love they had both for each other and for their children. It was love that bound us together as a family.

These tiny birds are among those that led me towards an interest in birds that has blossomed over time. Blue Waxbills still remind me of my mother and the close bond we shared.


  1. Such a beautiful shade of blue and contrast with the darker plumage. I can appreciate the joy this bird brought to you and your family. I enjoy how your postings blend the history, flora, and fauna of your land.


  2. Thank you for your kind words. I think all of the aspects you mention are what have helped to shape and bind me to this beautiful country 🙂


  3. What a lovely post! I had never heard of blue Waxbills before…..what a gorgeous bird!! May I ask what country you are in? I don’t think we have these here in the States…..not positive on that though.


  4. When our parents lead us to appreciate creation’s beauty it surely is a sweet link to the continuity of the love that transcends time. Thank you for your tender sharing.


  5. Wow! I loved the symbolism in this post and learning about a new bird. So beautiful! I’m enjoying new birds in the state of WV and PA.


  6. What lovely birds they are and what a lovely photo of your parents! They look so very young and in love. What wonderful role models you had…..I think that makes such a difference in a child’s life seeing a good relationship while growing up.


    • It certainly does and so I have tried to emulate this with our own family. The hardest part about love is to watch as each of one’s children forge a life of their own. There are always the birds … thank you for your positive comment, Joni.

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  7. I always love seeing these beautiful waxbills on our some of our travels (I have not seen them here). Their special meaning for your parents and for you and your family is so precious. Thanks for sharing this touching connection.


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