Daily temperatures remain warm to hot and we still hope for a chance of rain. The seasons move on regardless of what we wish, hope or do: the sun rises significantly later and sets noticeably earlier; deciduous trees shake off their drying leaves with each breeze; the afternoon light seems a little softer … There are no dramatic changes to the season here in the form of beautiful colours and yet – a real tell-tale sign that summer has bid us farewell are the cluster of black seed pods that hang down from the Erythrina caffra. They burst open to reveal their hard scarlet seeds that glisten in the sunlight and gradually drop to the ground.

When you see these lying about, you know there is no turning the clock back!

22 thoughts on “AUTUMN IS HERE

    • Enjoy spring and the summer to follow. Apart from the lack of rain, we could do with a break from the high temperatures we have been experiencing of late.


  1. An evocative pic – our dwarf erythrinas are still hanging on to their flowers and our old common coral tree failed to flower this year. The season is most definitely on the turn.


  2. I love the way the seasons shift between northern and southern hemispheres. It seems fair to share the sun. 🙂 Do you get more rain in the fall/winter? I certainly hope so!


    • March usually spells the end of the ‘rainy season’, although our part of the Eastern Cape can expect rain during the rest of the year too – not that it happens very often, but at least the ‘rainy door’ doesn’t shut on us completely.

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