There are a lot of these empty snail shells in our garden at the moment. I can’t help wondering if the snails have shrivelled and died because of the drought or if the Hadeda Ibises have been particularly adept at eating them.

They are pretty nonetheless, with subtle shading and interesting patterns – definitely worth a second look.

16 thoughts on “EMPTY SNAIL SHELL

  1. This looks similar to our snails shells. How big are these? Ours only get to be about 3/4 Inch. I think that comes to about 1cm.


    • Hello, Lisa, these ones are a little larger than that. We have been experiencing a severe drought for some years now and so there are not as many around as we have had in the past. Nonetheless, mot of the empty shells I find are whole.


  2. What a wonderful coincidence, Anne! Just yesterday afternoon we watched a burchell’s coucal eating snail after snail in our little garden. He wasn’t too concerned with delicately nipping the snails out of the shells though, just crushed them open and then snacked on the innards.


    • Am I allowed to say that I envy you the sight of Burchell’s Coucals? They have not been around here for an awfully long time and I really miss those burbling calls! Perhaps they, as ‘rain birds’ are shunning us because we have no rain 🙂 🙂

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      • Their call really is one of our most beautiful nature sounds! When I step outside in the morning and that’s the first sound I hear my day is already made.
        Perhaps when the rain bird returns to Grahamstown the rain will too. I’ll try to convince our coucal to come visit you soon!


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