The webs of the Grass Funnel-Web spiders are best seen on dew-covered ground.

As you can see from the photograph, the web is extensive and is woven to include a deep funnel. I understand this is where the spider hides to catch any prey that falls in, but admit to not bending down close enough to find out!


    • They are! I have on occasion watched a spider spinning its web (not one of these) and have been fascinated by how methodical it is and the way the pattern appears. Each web is cleverly designed.

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    • I hope there is no sunshine for it to climb up again … we have had 2mm of the lightest of rains, but it is wonderful to hear tyres wishing on the road and to feel the damp in the air!

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    • You are right! Some of these webs cover a fairly large area and are intricately woven into the plants around them. I must try and see the spider in one sometime 🙂


    • There were a number of these webs covering the area where I was walking, Unfortunately the light was wrong for capturing a lot of them at once. I would find it fascinating to watch one spinning such an intricate web.

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      • How lucky you are to have seen them spinning the web, Anne! I have never seen one of these spiders in the act of creating its web – I always thought it happened at night, perhaps that is why I missed it!

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