The small bird bath we were gifted over a year ago has provided good service from where it was positioned in the shade of a vachellia (acacia) tree. Constructed from solid concrete, it is very heavy for its size. I have at last mustered the strength to roll it across the lawn and heave it into a much more appropriate place in the little flower bed next to our pool. Here I get the benefit of seeing the visitors and they are only a hop away from thick shrubbery should they need shelter in a hurry. A Speckled Pigeon was the first to inspect it:

This is new.

Mm … the water looks good.

It tastes good too.

It tastes very good indeed!

And so it is that the new position of this bird bath has gained its seal of approval. It has since been used by weavers, doves, bulbuls, barbets and a host of other birds.

32 thoughts on “BIRD BATH APPROVAL

  1. We did a similar thing with our bird bath last year. We moved it closer to the patio so that we could get a better view of the birds. Always good to see those fluttering beauties, and the spot you picked sounds like a good one.


  2. I would imagine that as dry as it is your birdbath would be popular. Maybe even some other critters will partake in a sip of water. It is a pretty birdbath.


    • I have five bird baths in my rather large garden, all of which have been rewarding in terms of the birds and insects they have attracted throughout the year.


  3. It must be so wonderful to watch so many varieties of birds having a drink at the birdbath you installed. I feel it is a good way of sharing and showing grace to the little beings of our planet. I love how the pigeon first inspected the water before taking a beak-full. Nicely captured pictures.


  4. I do not like any of the bird baths that I have seen locally in my area so I plan to make my own with cement and some Dollar Tree bowls. Wish me luck!


    • Welcome to my garden! Commercial bird baths are not always the best for birds in terms of depth and shape. Some of my most successful ones over the years have been shallow bowls and others that were from wire mesh and cement. Good luck with yours – I hope you will attract lots of visitors to your bird baths!

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