While the Speckled Pigeon inaugurated the new position of the birdbath, I have had the pleasure of watching it being visited by Bronze Manikins too. First, there was one:

Then, there were two:

Before long I saw three:

Soon after the fourth one had joined them, a loud sound from the main road caused them all to fly off in alarm:

26 thoughts on “ONE, TWO, THREE …

    • These are the sweetest birds ever: they are tiny and seem to float about like falling leaves. Had they not been alarmed by the loud sound, I would not have been surprised to see twenty or thirty of them crowded around the edge of the bird bath. They follow the philosophy of ‘there is always room for one more’!

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    • Hello Julie, it is a concrete one and an awfully heavy one at that: I rolled it across the lawn and then sort of jiggled it over the flower bed. This is why it has taken me so long to move it from its first position 🙂 I am delighted with its current placing for I can sit in the shade and watch the birds drink or bathe not that far away 🙂


  1. Mankind are one of my favorite birds. These are sweet little birds. How nice that they started to congregate at the birdbath. I bet they return.


    • Many of the bird names here are descriptive. In this case, when seen from afar, these tiny birds look like tiny men sporting beards = manikin. These ones have the bronze shoulder that glints like green flashes in the sun. The other manikins here are called magpie and red-backed respectively.

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    • There are several birds here that sport a delightful irredescence – including the Hadeda Ibis, which looks rather a drab grey until its feathers are caught in the sunlight. The bird baths bring me a lot of joy, although I do not always have my camera at hand.

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