This water buck jumped over a fence from the road into a game farm. It stood still for several minutes observing us watching it. As you can tell, it was rather coy about showing itself in full until the end.

The morning was overcast and still fairly misty. Some of the blurring is because of the fence that is in the way.

Look at his beautiful horns.

He steadfastly remained a little hidden by the bush in front.

He moved away at last, although now the fence blurs in the foreground. Nonetheless, what a wonderful sighting!

26 thoughts on “THE COY WATER BUCK

    • In this case I was in a vehicle and the water buck was on the other side of a fence. Once though, I was walking on my own in the veld on a game farm when I happened upon a water buck only a few meters away in the bush. We looked at each other for a moment before it slipped away silently. That was a magical experience indeed!


    • I t was a wonderful sighting that encouraged a return trip to the same area when there was better light. That time we saw more of them πŸ™‚


  1. I wonder if the water buck was attracted by the game farm….I know it is a big problem in Vermont to keep wild white-tailed deer from jumping fences into a fallow deer farm (for fancy restaurants serving venison) and creating havoc, by trying to breed…..


    • This is an interesting snippet of information you have provided, Julie. There are several game farms here so I imagine this waterbuck actually belonged there. As you mention with the white-tailed deer, these ones jump fences with ease.


  2. I don’t think waterbuck are given enough credit for how beautiful they are! I think your photos help to rectify that, Anne. They’re one of my favourite antelope to see.


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