My first thought was to show you a few different zebras grazing on what looks like very dry grass to greener grass. Putting these photographs together, however, provides a marvellous opportunity to showcase just how different the facial markings between zebras can be.

This zebra has bold facial markings – and a dusty nose!

Note the very fine lines on this one – which also has a dusty nose.

The facial markings on this one are very bold – more stereotypical of the way zebras are depicted in children’s books.

This zebra has firm, clear lines – and much greener grass to eat!

25 thoughts on “ZEBRAS EATING

  1. When you wrote “zebras eatimg” i immediately thought zebra swallowtail butterfly that a friend of mine sent a picture of nectarine on a plant in her garden. 🀣 I enjoyed seeing these pictures too. The one with the dark stripes looks like it was more black than white like the others. Interesting.


  2. P.s. sorry about my sloppy typing. My computer is down and I am using a tablet. I can’t seem to get the knack of typing on this thing.


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