This grass funnel-web spider web is beautifully offset by the heavy dew.

These webs, highlighted by the early morning light, festooned the vegetation along the edge of the road. I have not seen so many in the same place before. Here are only two of them.

I usually only see these webs on very short grass, so was fascinated to get this ‘under the canopy’ view of one suspended between higher plants. Unfortunately the hole is obscured.



  1. They look like our trapdoor spiders, who in addition to building funnel webs, make a perfect trap door out of dirt, to catch their prey underground. The photographs are wonderful. Especially the last.

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    • There were so many of these webs visible on that particular morning that I spent a while trying very hard to see if I could catch a glimpse of the spiders within. Not a chance! I am pleased you like the first photograph – it was one of the clearest funnels that I saw within reach of my camera.I enjoy your description very much πŸ™‚


  2. These are fascinating creatures. I often wonder how many of these spider webs I walk trh6without knowing. They are difficult to see if they are dry. I never see the creators of these interesting webs either. Now I am wondering if we have the same species that is in your country.


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