We might have potholes you can almost swim in; we might have dry taps now and then; we are often sans electricity; we have cattle and donkeys roaming through the town … streets are breaking up; sewage bubbles to the surface in places; and clean water pours down the streets at times. This beautiful town is creaking at the seams and yet … fibre is coming to town.

Trench diggers have been working for months, from one side of town to the other, readying the ground for the laying of fibre. They reached our area last week – the netting along our pavement is hiding the open trenches, which were covered over only a day later.

Some people have complained about the constant digging, the sound of machinery, and (quite rightly) the litter that gets left behind as the workmen make their way through the suburb. The time will come though when this will all be forgotten and they, in their turn, will connect to fibre so that their internet speed and capacity can improve. The picture below shows the section next to our drive that has been cordoned off before a moling machine was used to tunnel under it to feed the fibre through without damaging the driveway.

Yes, our town is fraying like a piece of old cloth. Despite all its problems, it is still a beautiful place to live. Now, the town is seamed with a fibre network filled with potential. Time will tell

20 thoughts on “FIBRE IS COMING TO TOWN

  1. Fibre is a private venture whereas municipal services are public misadventures. Btw. our suburb is also serviced by Frogfoot – they have used the sewers to lay the cables causing occasional blocked pipes. Internet access built on Frogfoot seems to be more expensive than other fibre providers like Telkom’s OpenServe.


    • It is a pretty town that changes with the seasons and it is creaking along in the face of myriad obstacles. As long as the schools and the university continue to operate there will be ‘life’.

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    • There is a degree of excitement about the step forward, the steps sliding back are a constant battle which has not quite been lost yet.


  2. I think you will enjoy the fiber optic. It always is an inconvenience to have a major utility come through the neighborhood. It usually is worth the effort. The gas company and then the city water department each had our front garden dug up for a year each. Most inconvenient and ugly.

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