Shades of orange are traditionally associated with autumn and as I was walking around my garden to check on the progress of the aloes dotted about, my eye was caught by these bright spots:

This fungi has appeared on an aloe stem and looks rather attractive when looked at more closely:

Back to the aloes though. I am heartened by the appearance of many tightly closed buds, such as this one:

The tall Aloe ferox in the front garden has been pushing up its swelling spikes unseen until now:

Soon these rather insignificant looking spikes will grow tall – you can see a discarded dry stem from last season still hooked onto the leaves – and unfurl into a magnificent display of colour. Watch this space!


  1. I was so struck by how much South Africa landscapes look like where I live in Southern California. There is a South African woman who owns a lavender farm near us. She said that The Holler and nature preserve next to it remind her, “so much of South Africa.” I agreed, but clarified, we were missing the giraffes, elephants, lions, and such. You live is such an amazingly beautiful and primal place.


    • You might be missing ‘our’ wild animals, yet there is so much beauty around you. We do live in an amazingly rich place as far as scenery, flora and fauna are concerned – there are many beautiful things to see here if we care to make the effort.


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