After months of beautifully clear blue skies, we finally had some cloud cover this week.

The temperature dropped and a cool breeze began to circulate around the valley. There was a delightful smell of dampness in the air.

These ones held a definite promise of rain. By now the wind was whipping the trees into a frenzy as I turned for home.

The first drops splattered onto the windscreen as more clouds came barrelling over the hills. From the shelter of home I looked down on my garden buckling under the wind as thunder rumbled and lightning flashed.

It was all over in minutes … the clouds drifted away and the sun shone brightly once more … we had received 4mm of rain.


30 thoughts on “HELLO CLOUDS

  1. Here’s hoping you get lots more rain-heavy clouds that let their load drop! We are at the end of our rainy season and entering another drought, because we got so little precipitation. And water regulations in California are so politicized, they make the situation worse than it needs to be.


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