Why would you plant trees in a public car park?

The obvious answer might be to provide shade for the vehicles parked there. Another may be to beautify or to soften the look of an otherwise large expanse of tar. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

These mature trees have all had their heads chops off! It is true that each of these severely lopped of trees provide a semblance of shade, but what chance have they of ever reaching the shape nature intended.

Instead, they are neatly shorn off at a height someone has deemed to be the ‘correct’ one – just above vehicle height.

I am glad this car park is not in our town, where we go for the natural look and sweep up the messes underneath – maybe. As you can tell, I am parked under a tree that has simply been allowed ‘to be’ which is planted on the periphery of this car park in our nearest city.

29 thoughts on “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

    • Not nearly as creative – those trees are meant to show off the art of topiary pruning. The ones in this shopping mall car park have been given a military-type brush cut!


    • I think so too, Belinda. Snipping small bushes into shapes for one’s garden is one thing but this lopping does not appear to serve any particular purpose – and the shade these trees cast is no more than the average vehicle does anyway.

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