I haven’t travelled very far since the COVID-19 pandemic restricted our movements, and then not to places where a variety of tea is sold. My collection of interesting teas is dwindling alarmingly as a result! Every time I purchase groceries I scan the tea shelves in the vain hope that a ‘different from usual’ tea has nestled among the normal offerings. I see that rooibos tea now appears in a wide variety of added flavours … black-based teas remain my favourite brew though and so I was delighted to find the Pick ‘n Pay brand of English Breakfast Tea standing out in its bright red box.

As its name implies, English Breakfast is a full-bodied brew that is just right to pair with breakfast – or in my case, mid-morning tea. It is traditionally a blend of black tea leaves sourced from estates such as those in Kenya, Ceylon or Assam. It is common practice to overlook house brands as being ‘inferior’. Certainly, my eye automatically looks out for labels such as Twinings, Liptons and even Five Roses. I yearned for the robust flavour of English Breakfast tea, however, and wondered if I would be disappointed. Fear not, this house brand of English Breakfast Tea is everything one might wish for.

The strong, more robust flavour of English Breakfast tea goes very well with a light fruit cake – which I happened to bake this week.

In the absence of a variety of teas and brands to choose from, I recommend Pick ‘n Pay’s English Breakfast tea for drinking at any time of the day.


  1. That cake looks so good! I am a huge fan of English breakfast, and drink it every morning with my breakfast. I don’t drink coffee. I am one of those who has an extreme sensitivity to bitter. I get most of my tea online, too, from the excellent Harney and Sons.


  2. For years we always brought back big packs of (Tetley) tea from the UK whenever we visited, stuffing as much into our cases as we could. But of course the pandemic put paid to that. Luckily we discovered that the local Co-op shop sells PG Tips tea, which is not as good in my view but better than Twinings (which is extremely expensive here) and many other brands. Btw I think ‘one for the pot’ is just a way to get you to use more tea – unless you plan on having several cups of course! 😊


    • I love Tetley tea, which we can get here now and then for a reasonable price. Twinings is very expensive here too. I don’t do the ‘one for the pot’ either and find the results are as good. I have tried PG Tips in England, but that was so long ago that I had almost forgotten about it. Thank you for the reminder.


    • Good tea can put the day right if it has wobbled off course. I am pleased you like the look of the cake – it is a long time since I had used my Bundt cake tin 🙂

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  3. Tea and cake! I think they are quite suitable as well for this spring day in the Northern Hemisphere. Unfortunately, I only have tea. 😦 I love rooibos as iced tea the best, and have started brewing a half gallon every couple of days.


  4. I have got in the habit of using loose-leaf tea, though I like white tea too and have only found that in teabags locally. Although I have been tempted, it seems a bit extravagant and wasteful of resources to order tea online (unless buying large quantities)!


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