The sun sets so much earlier these days, before half past five at the moment. We drove up to the old golf course to enjoy the last rays of the sun from the top of the hill and found that many walkers were already beginning to leave. The dust from their vehicles hung thickly in the air and was highlighted by the setting sun.

If you are very sharp-eyed, you might spot two people standing in the distance (left of centre) with a dog between them. The golden dust is indicative of the drought – there is beauty in everything if you take a close look.

Also catching the last of the sun were these dogs walking ahead of their walkers:

I so enjoyed seeing them walking towards us that I simply had to take another photograph before they passed by:

In this picture, the sharp-eyed will see not three dogs but five!

They bounded along followed by their cheerful walkers as we all made a circuitous way back to our vehicles and home before darkness crept over us all.

25 thoughts on “LATE WALK

  1. Thoughts off the top of my head early this morning:
    Anne’s blog posts remind me that the big planet rotates and leans, and that when it’s spring in Iowa, it’s autumn there. Hers is usually my wake-up email, alerting me to her cheerful posts, full of the flora and fauna of the veld in South Africa.
    Do I have veld right?

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    • Not yet ๐Ÿ™‚ The close of day appears to come in a rush at this time of the year and the morning’s are slow to start, although the raucous greetings of the Hadeda Ibises about twenty to thirty minutes before sunrise every morning work better than any alarm clock!


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