In contrast to the close-cropped trees in the car park of a shopping mall in Port Elizabeth I featured earlier, I couldn’t help admiring these trees with a ‘full head of hair’ in this car park in Port Alfred:

Not only do they look naturally beautiful, they cast a lot of shade. Their trunks – and even the growth of some of the tree tops, reflect the direction of the prevailing wind. Then I noticed a pop of bright colour show just above the embankment only to disappear again. Intrigued, I kept an eye on the bobbing colour until it showed itself a little more:

There was the paraglider pulling at the ropes as the wind caught under the billowing canopy.

Which rose upwards as the man attached to it ran along the grassy edge of the car park.

Not quite up-and-away yet, but we had to leave.


  1. At first I thought that that the canopy must belong to a kitesurfer, but then I looked closer and noticed the size and particularly the ‘ribs’ and he or she didn’t look dressed for the sea. So I think it might have been a paraglider. They must have landed from a flight and be trying to get their chute down in a way so that it can folded away neatly for the next time.
    You can see the difference in the chutes in these 2 links:
    We get a lot of paragliders around our valley. They are driven up and take off from the mountain sides and then fly around, sometimes seemingly for hours if the thermals are right , and land on the valley floor just outside the village. As you can imagine it’s a popular sport in the Alps.

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    • Thank you very much for clarifying the difference between a kitesurfer and a paraglider. I do not see them often enough πŸ™‚ Following your description, it make sense that the glider might have landed without me noticing – it would have been below the level of the car park – and was being ‘taken down’. These links are interesting to look at too, so I appreciate you including them.

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