The head, throat and back of the male Greater Double-collared Sunbird are a beautiful metallic green, with a thin blue rump and a wide, bright red breast-band Although ‘collared’ features in its name, the ‘collar’  is not very pronounced. It has a long decurved bill that allows it to get nectar from tubular-shaped or drooping flowers. I am fortunate enough to see these sunbirds throughout most of the year in our garden, however they are particularly prominent during the aloe flowering season.

Another ‘collared’ bird is a more heavily built one. The Black-collared Barbet has bright red face, throat and upper breast, bordered by a broad, black collar which provides an interesting contrast with the yellowish belly. The large, heavy bill is used to great effect in excavating nest holes in trees as well as for ‘digging into’ fruit or eating insects. We see these barbets in our garden throughout the year and they regularly feed on the fruit I put out – as well as tucking into tiny pieces of meat or fish.

20 thoughts on “TWO COLLARED BIRDS

  1. The sunbird is stunning. I bet it glimmers in the sun. I have seen a red-headed Barbet when we were in Costa Rica. It was gorgeous too. It was similar to the one in your garden but more colorful.


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