I have mentioned before that weavers are notorious for biting off the tubular blossoms of the Cape Honeysuckle to get to the nectar. This time I have caught them in the act:

The one in the centre of the picture has firmly grasped the base of the flower and is about to pull it asunder. The female below is doing the same.

The flower tube is pulled from its base and then squeezed to release its nectar:

When a flock of weavers go to work like this, they do not leave much for the sunbirds, or bees or even the ants.


21 thoughts on “EATING HONEYSUCKLE

  1. The weavers certainly know how to squeeze!!
    Recently a sunbird built a nest in our balcony, and we felt privileged to see the family grow. It’s been less than a week since the wee birdies flew off.


  2. These pictures brought back fond memories of my childhood. My friends and I would pick the blooms from the Japanese Honeysuckle vines and sip the nectar. I thought it was a delightful treat.
    Your pictures are fun to see. The birds are working hard to get their sweet treat.
    Here bumble bees make holes at the bottom of tubular flower to rob the nectar. A little later hummingbirds will use those holes too.


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