The sun sets soon after five o’clock these days, so one has to be quick to catch the glory of it:

A little further along the road it looked like this:

By the time we had turned the corner a minute or two later, it was gone!


27 thoughts on “A JUNE SUNSET

  1. Beautiful! And one of the the things I love so much about the natural world is how ephemeral the light is. How that light makes a difference between a really good photograph and a so-so photograph.


      • You’re welcome Anne. I never get any sunrise or sunset pictures here because the crime has gotten bad the last few years and I’m reluctant to venture out at dawn or dusk. I’ve worked from home since 2011, so no reason to be leaving for or returning from work on the bus from downtown as I did for so many years. I live alone and usually go out on my walks by myself.


      • Anne – for the last 10-15 years of my life (I just turned 65), every day I wish I was born in a simpler era, a safer era and an era that does not move so fast. I sometimes wish I could step off for a while. I do enjoy social media and the ability to interact with people, but it just seems that everyone is so enamored with their devices and have forgotten how to interact with one another person to person. Maybe it’s just here in the U.S. and not the same where you live – hopefully people don’t move in the fast lane like here.


      • I live in a small town so have been blessed (in non-Covid times) to see friends fairly regularly. I agree that modern communication devices can get in the way of face-to-face contact.

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