This country road winds through a variety of land-use areas that raise cattle, sheep and game. There are other farming activities too, all of which require fences along their perimeters at least. The first photograph is of dew drops caught on the game fence flanking the road I featured yesterday. It is sturdily constructed and has an electrified strand along the top.

Here is another multi-stranded game fence with an extra high strand. I have, nonetheless, watched a kudu bull jump over it and a black-backed jackal hop through it with ease.

This barbed wire fence in the foreground has been replaced by an electrified game fence – a sure sign of how differently the land has been utilised.

Here is an ordinary farm fence with old sneezewood poles in the background.

Another farm fence with a glorious view beyond.

Lastly, this one shows that not all fence posts remain upright, but wobble over time.


    • They certainly do. Fences are not uniformly constructed either – perhaps they reflect something of the personality of individual farmers in some way.


  1. Hmmm, you are going to have me looking at fences around here. I haven’t seen such tall fences in our area. We have more crop land in the area where I live.


  2. It’s interesting how high your fences are to keep the game out. My dad occasionally used an electric fence but it was much lower. It was always an interesting and scary occasion of the cattle got out and ended up on the road. Round up took all hands available to form a line to herd them back in and it was not fun!


  3. Fascinating thematic collection, Anne. Must be interesting to see kudu clearing the hurdle.



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