There is a very beautiful and hardy indigenous breed of cattle that are superbly adapted to the environmental conditions in southern Africa. The Nguni cattle are said to have been here since the arrival of Iron Age nomads in about 600 AD.

The resilience of these cattle to harsh conditions make them an attractive breed for they are resistant to both internal and external parasites and have a natural immunity to tick-borne diseases.

Nguni are excellent foragers that can browse and graze on steep slopes or in thick bush.

Not only their horn shapes, but the patterns on their hide are so varied that no two animals look alike. This adds to the beauty of Nguni cattle.


  1. I think they are very handsome beasts. I love their markings. I used to take pictures of the cattle that we come across while out birding. There are few cattle around where I live. I live in a highly agricultural area but it is mostly crops. A lot of chicken and turkey farms too. They take less area and are, I suppose, more profitable in smaller settings.


  2. Ngunis really are beautiful – the patterns of the hides, their strong physique, and those impressive horns! They never seem out of place under African skies, doesn’t matter where you see them.


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