All is not doom and gloom in our drought-stricken garden for we have been blessed with several aloes blooming, of which this is one:

Then there are the lovely blooms of the Crassula ovata or, as many overseas readers know it, the Jade plant:

Both of these indigenous plants provide important sustenance for bees, butterflies, ants and other insects. I also have a minute patch of ground close to where I sit in the mornings in which I nurture petunias and pansies. These cannot be watered very often so are doing their best under trying circumstances to provide daily cheer:

They too attract an insect or two:


20 thoughts on “JUNE GARDEN 2021

    • The highlights do πŸ™‚ You cannot see the brown lawn, empty flower- and vegetable beds or the shrivelled leaves on the lemon tree. I like to have a small patch of colour and these pansies do create a cheerful vision.

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  1. I am pretty sure I have seen that aloe at top on California’s Central Coast, and it is a fantastic plant in every sense of the word.

    My own jade plant that I had for years must have been stressed most of that time, though it often was beautiful. It never bloomed and eventually was cut down by frost πŸ˜”


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