In search of a change of scenery, we decided to drive down the steep winding Woest Hill Pass which leads to the Southwell road that eventually takes one to the seaside town of Port Alfred. The pass has been cut through the side of the mountain, exposing the layers of rock:

On the opposite side of the road are lovely views of the Rietberg:

Along the way there are still many aloes in bloom:

One passes game farms, pineapple farms, quarries, goats and cattle. On this particular day we were fortunate to see roan antelope:

Thick bush lines much of the Southwell road:

Although the Woest Hill Pass is tarred, the rest of the road is gravel:

I was fortunate to spot a herd of impala ewes through the roadside grass and scrub:

I was still watching them when an impressive impala ram nudged his way into my view:


    • Thank you very much – I love being out on a ‘back road’ as you call it, where the pace is usually a lot slower and one can pull to the side when something interesting catches the eye.

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  1. Pretty countryside. I love seeing the geological layers in cuts like that one. I wish I knew more in order to interpret the timeline.
    Those animals certainly were well aware of you, watching in their peripheral vision.


  2. Nice drive Anne, but I’m stuck back there at pineapple farms. I love pineapple and have been making pineapple smoothies lately, but the pineapple you get trucked in here is not the best, so I’ve been resorting to the stuff in cans.


    • You are right, Joni, really fresh pineapples are delicious. There are several large pineapple farms in our area. Canned pineapple comes a close second, although we mostly get the sweetened kind here.

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  3. I would never have expected a roan antelope in your part of the world, Anne! They might not be the most regal-looking antelope with that zorro-mask and long ears, but I am always thrilled to see them.


    • Your description is an apt one, Dries. The roan antelope are being bred on this particular game farm along the road. We were fortunate that some of them were fairly close to the fence, for we seldom get to see them.

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