We usually camp when visiting the Mountain Zebra National Park: the camping area is lovely and provides magnificent opportunities for photographing birds. How glad I am that circumstances dictated that we opt for a chalet during this visit for the prevailing temperature was icy cold!

It was so cold that every morning the windscreens of our respective vehicles bore visual signs of why we felt so icy.

This is an unusual experience for us, so I appreciated the pretty patterns seen from within the warmth of the vehicle.

Even in the mid-morning sunshine, there was evidence of the cold in the stalagmite that formed under a dripping tap during the night.

Here is a section of ice retrieved from one of the swings next to the swimming pool.

The air was crisp and the views stretched out to forever.

We will return once the weather has warmed up a little!

28 thoughts on “IT WAS VERY COLD

  1. A good move to the chalet. Much too cold to be camping. It is great that you still go to enjoy the area during winter.


  2. That is cold! We lived in Bloemfontein for 13 years and were used to below freezing temperatures during the winter – I still recall how the lawn would crunch underfoot during winter as a whole layer died off from frost and external pipes had to be insulated to prevent freezing and bursting. Those chalets are very comfortable

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  3. Definitely it was good that you had a chalet in such cold temps. The lacy ice patterns on the car windows are fascinating but are indicative of how cold it must have been when you first got into the car. Brr.


  4. Goodness gracious, Anne! I am relieved to see that you opted for MZNP’s comfortable chalets this time instead of camping – I am sure you put the fireplace to good use as well?


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