Look at this magnificent kudu bull:

The photograph below is of a female. She had been browsing next to the road and is making her way through the bush. Although her pose looks a little inelegant, she was through it in seconds and started browsing on the other side.

22 thoughts on “REGAL KUDU

    • Thank you, Belinda. Yes, they are wary of people. Where I live it is fairly common to see them outside of game reserves too, especially early in the mornings or late afternoons along country roads.

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    • You would be surprised to see how quickly they can move through the thick bush by lifting their chins so that the horns lie flat along their backs and and in this way they are able to move effortlessly and elegantly.


  1. What a majestic Kudu bull. They are such handsome animals. Those horns!, how could she not be impressed.


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