It is time to brighten up this blog, which has reflected the muted colours of winter for too long. This is the time of the year when the buds of the Erythrina caffra trees create a sense of anticipation of the scarlet beauty in the offing.

At this stage they don’t look like much, until these buds begin to unfurl to look like this.

Blossoms so eye-catching that they are worth photographing again and again …

If I can capture one of the many birds that frequent these trees during the blossoming period, so much the better. Here is a Cape Weaver sampling the delights.

22 thoughts on “SCARLET BEAUTY

    • There are several of these trees in town and dotted about the countryside. Their blossoms are a sure sign that spring is on its way – and all the more delightful for that!

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    • I watch those dark buds with a great sense of anticipation – along with the gradually lengthening days … our turn is coming, albeit gradually, when we can rejoice in warmer weather and longer days.

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    • These trees are so tall that it isn’t easy photographing the myriad birds that visit them as I inevitably struggle with the bright background, so this one was a real bonus πŸ™‚

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