Red-winged Starlings are frequent visitors to our garden. With the breeding season approaching, we no longer see the large flocks of only a few weeks ago. They are pairing up, which gives me a better opportunity to observe their individual behaviour more closely whenever they visit the feeders. I was watching this one tucking into an orange when I realised there was something different about him.

It was the sharp upturned claws that first attracted my attention and made me reach for my camera.I cannot help wondering what calamity befell this bird and when. Perhaps it was born with a deformed foot; was it injured during an escape from a predator; got tangled in something? I observed it perching on the branches before flying off and have seen it a few times since. It has obviously found a way to deal with its curled up claws.

23 thoughts on “COPING WITH CALAMITY

  1. Ons het n duifie in ons tuin wat nie n pootjie het aan sy linkerbeen. Hy loop effens mank. Ons bederf hom meer….m


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