It is an icy, grey day during which winter is stamping its feet in a determined fashion to freeze out any idea of spring unfurling in the wings. What better way of beating the winter blues than focusing on red:


Greater Double-collared Sunbird

Amethyst Sunbird at nectar feeder


Crassula perfoliata

Virginia creeper

21 thoughts on “FOCUS ON RED

  1. OH my, you have Virginia Creeper in your garden?? That is native here. It romps all over my garden. I pull it out by the hands full except where I want it to grow. ha…
    I see that you captured the amethyst spot on the wing of the Amethyst Sunbird. What a beauty as is the Double-collared Sunbird. Those colors are astounding. It is amazing that you have flowers during winter. I bet they are most treasured during this time.


    • I do the same with canary creeper – once it has flowered, I pull it out everywhere. The Virginia creeper had been planted here by previous owners and grows in one corner of the front garden. I don’t think the conditions are such to encourage the rampant growth you describe. We do have winter-flowering blooms; I am fortunate in that our garden is fairly protected from frost.


  2. A good way to take ones mind off the icy cold today Anne. I recently read that many of our nectar producing plants are red so as to attract their pollinators. I hope you are warm and snug on a day like this. We are infront of the fire. 🔥


    • You conjure up a cosy vision. I am hoping this is winter’s last fling now for it will be good to see new spring growth and a bit of green again. I am especially hoping that we will get more rain to encourage the growth of spring flowers – we have missed out on them over the past two years.

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    • These particular aloes are over, but there are other varieties in bloom. The orange Cape Honeysuckle is coming into bloom now too, as well as the scarlet flowers of the Erythrina trees. Plenty of natural ‘warmth’ to offset the cold weather.

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    • Thank you. The cold front(s) is widespread this time so I am not surprised you have felt the chill in Kruger too. There are many compensations though, as your photographs show!

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