We haven’t had rain for such a long time during which the sky has remained a beautiful clear blue that any change in it is worth looking at, all the more so because our ‘wetter’ season should be from September through to about April. Not that the rain knows about such ‘rules’ for it has a mind of its own. Still, this is the sort of sky that would bring us joy right now: low, dark and wet – as it was in Port Elizabeth in 2016:

The type of sky to strike terror in anyone’s heart – especially during the drought – forms the backdrop to large plumes of smoke from a veld fire. This one was not far from our town in 2019:

It is during the fire season – as dreadful as it is – that we can be treated to beautiful sunrises such as this one:

While we were walking along a path parallel to Cradock Road last year, we were treated to this hopeful looking sky – which yielded not a drop:

It has happened so often during this drought that we look up in wonder as puffy clouds begin to populate the sky, as they did a few days ago:

Unfortunately, they mostly dissipate quickly leaving us to wait for another day:

22 thoughts on “SOME SKYSCAPES

  1. The sky is an endless kaleidoscope of clouds and color. These are nice captures. I hope those clouds soon open and gives your area the moisture it needs.


  2. A varied season of skyscapes. It’s amazing how the mood changes with a little moisture, a little sun. And while fire & smog & pollution are terrible things, they paint such lovely skyscapes.


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