A small section of a herd of cows blocked the road on my home at sunset yesterday.

They appeared to be gathering for the evening as some emerged from the veld on the right, while others had been walking along the verge on the left. There is no point trying to rush them for they pay scant attention to vehicles.

This one sports muddy socks, having come from the puddle of water you might see shining on the left, behind it. They all walked with a common purpose as if they knew where they were heading for.

This is an offspring of the Master Hooter’s sister striding along in the fading light. You can see the faint ‘rib’ patterns of the mother, featured below.

A clear view of the Master Hooter’s sister with the clear ‘rib’ patterns on her side. She sports impressive horns.

15 thoughts on “SUNSET COWS

  1. They are quite large. I would hate to come in contact with them while driving at night. Interesting patterns on their coats.


    • One does have to be very careful at night, although most of them tend to lie down on the verges rather than in the streets – a small mercy!


    • There is definitely some Nguni in this herd. Over the years these cattle have been wandering around and through our town, it has been interesting to see how some of the hide patterns are repeated in one form or another in succeeding generations.

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