I sometimes look at photographs from bloggers in other parts of the world and marvel at the bright colours and beautiful greenery – which I haven’t been able to reciprocate with even during our summers. So, here are some glimpses of green in this drought-stricken part of the country. First up are the freesia buds growing in a pot so that they could be nurtured:

The flowers are over now, but for a few weeks I could enjoy their pretty white blossoms as well as a few pink ones. One of the hardiest plants I have is this asparagus fern growing next to our front steps. It appears to need very little in the way of water.

We live on the side of a hill overlooking our town. This is a view half way up.

A little further afield is this view of the Rietberg on the opposite side from the view we get of these hills from town.

And lastly, a view of the Lothian area – my regular country drives usually follow the road that runs along the escarpment of this valley.

So, our world is not all brown, dry and dusty. The greens in the veld are hardy and delight the eye. Once the rain comes the wild grasses will green – as will our lawn – and soften the landscape once more.



  1. Your country side looks so pretty even in this drought. I am sure the air quality will be better when the rains come too. I guess I am thinking about air quality because the farmers are harvesting crops all around where I live and the dust in the air makes breathing a bit difficult. Everything needs a good rain to wash away that dust.


    • You are right about rain freshening the air! Thank you for this description of the harvesting time of the year. Here it is time for crops to be planted.


  2. Well, you have more green than I would have thought giving your long drought-like conditions Anne. I know how you feel about colorful landscapes with other bloggers. A fellow blogger lives in Baja, Mexico and she is a doctor. She grows all her own fruits and veggies and many flowers – it seems that all year around she is posting photos of her gardens. Meanwhile we shiver and deal with snow and ice.


  3. Die diep groene tydens droogtes is so eie aan ons eg Suid-Afrikaner wees, Anne. Ons beur deur die tye wat op ons pad geplaas word.


  4. (Between you, me and the deep blue sea, Anne – often when I see the photos of the greenery of other continents my first thought is that it just doesn’t look like home…)


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