The Streaky-headed Seedeater is not a bird that calls attention to itself, for its colouring is a dullish brown.

The most striking aspect of its outfit is the clearly marked pale eyebrow.

This is a species that has only come into our garden regularly during the last five or six years. As they are usually found in woodland, thickets and dense scrub, I suspect it is the drought that has attracted them to suburbia on a more regular basis.

Even so, I hear their whistled ‘tsee-weet’ call more frequently than I actually see these birds.

They avoid the main feeding frenzy of the early morning, preferring not to compete with the weavers on the feeders or the doves on the ground. This makes them fairly difficult subjects to photograph, so I have left the best portrait for last.



  1. They are an infrequent visitor to our spot.
    Noticed my first one a couple of years ago eating seeds from some cosmos we had along the driveway.
    What a surprise!


  2. I can remember seeing one for the first time back in the 80’s in our garden in Pretoria and being quite pleased that I could identify it
    When they feel like it their song is a pleasant one
    Nice photos


  3. What wonderful pictures you have of the streaky-headed seedeater (canary sounds better?), Anne! They only occasionally venture near our garden and hardly ever sit longer than one song.


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