We are used to roadblocks in South Africa. These could be the kind requiring you to wait for oncoming traffic to pass through a section of road that is being repaired or a police roadblock during which you are required to show your driver’s licence while they check your vehicle licence and may even make a cursory check of the state of your tyres. These days we have to be increasingly on the lookout for roadblocks caused by the Urban Herd taking a stroll around our town.

Much further afield, only 3km from the Mpofu Nature Reserve in fact, traffic was halted by this herd of cattle that had no intention of moving out of the way in any hurry at all.

Some distance further on, the road was blocked by this herd of sheep being moved from one grazing area to another. Two sheep dogs assisting the shepherd managed to escape being photographed. They were doing an excellent job of keeping the sheep together and on the move in an orderly manner.

We were deep into the farming country of the Kat River district, so it came as no surprise when traffic had to back up while this herd of sheep crossed the narrow bridge – led by three shepherds this time and a single sheepdog (which also slipped away before I could ‘catch’ it) – and made their way through a large gate into a field next to the road.

These are a lot less daunting than this roadblock though!

35 thoughts on “ROADBLOCKS

  1. It has been a long time since I have found a road block of this nature. Never have seen elephants in person let alone in a road block.

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    • As I have pointed out above, the elephants were photographed in the Addo Elephant National Park – we would not ordinarily expect to find them wandering across our roads.

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    • To be sure, these photographs depict the rural parts of the country. One city looks much like another one in many respects. I am pleased you have found these interesting to look at.

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  2. Rural living (however the Urban herd defies that theory) can be so interesting at times. Those elephants look like they could crush those cars in a nanosecond if they chose to!


  3. Brilliant! Wild ponies block the road at Assateague National Seashore here in Maryland, USA. So I was amused by your critters — and laughed out loud at the final photo. So well done. (This is my first visit to your site. I thank Thistles and Kiwis for introducing me.)


    • Welcome, Carol Ann and thank you for taking the time to read this. I am glad to have provided you with a laugh – we need them in these times.


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