Apart from the increasing Urban Herd, we are also seeing a lot more donkeys around town. Some people pat them and feed them apples or carrots; others chase them away from their properties; most residents have become so used to them now that they simply let them be. The Cock House Guesthouse and Restaurant has taken this tolerance a step further and commissioned a mural that runs the length of one side of the property. I will let the images speak for themselves.


I inadvertently omitted the last photograph showing the tag of the artist of this lovely wall art:

Sadly too, I have noticed that since these photographs were taken someone has spray-painted blue graffiti (of the nonsense kind) over a section of this mural.



    • I needed to share this delightful art. I often say that, over the years, we have simply had to get used to these animals roaming through town: one restaurant has even renamed itself the Pothole and Donkey!

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  1. The mural is beautiful!
    We have a troupe of vervet monkeys on the resort too. They are just so darn cute! But we discourage feeding! They can be dangerous when they get too familiar!


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