Don’t expect anything glamorous or high class here. I was scrolling through my archives, getting rid of pictures as I went, when I realised that a number have got something to do with food or drink – all have been taken with my cell phone, so must have been taken to share with members of my scattered family. The random sample will begin with me preparing a camping meal on a particularly icy, windy night:

I warned you not to expect anything glamorous! A more genteel moment came with enjoying a cup of tea with a slice of cake:

I suspect the teapot and cup were the main focus – a gift from grandchildren. Another quietly domestic scene is a glass of wine at the start of our hard lockdown – when none of us realised just how long that confinement was going to last!

We didn’t realise then either that the sale of alcohol was going to be restricted on an on-off basis for well over a year. It is during the past year too that South Africans have had to bid farewell to many of their favourite magazines: no farewell, this is the final issue, sad to be leaving you in the lurch – they just vanished from the shelves!

There is nothing like home-baked biscuits to satisfy the need for a little sweetness. I baked many batches of ginger biscuits during the first few months of the pandemic – as you can see, some were snitched before they could even cool down:Here is some flat bread I made for a hasty lunch one day:

Lastly, an all too rare opportunity to eat out:

This was in celebration of my birthday – several months after the event!


36 thoughts on “FOODY MOMENTS

  1. Lovely teapot. I can relate to the food photos on the phone, we did the same last year, taking and sending photos of our meals to our daughter.
    Your celebration looks like an Indian meal, complete with papad. Was it?


  2. This past year is remarkable as to the fascination with food and more pictures taken than ever before of food eaten. Crazy. Your camping kitchen looks positively encouraging, fun times despite it all.


    • I remember that particular camping night was cold and windy, so I made a one-pot meal that could be cooked quickly. I am often surprised by how little we really need to produce tasty food – compared with what we have in our home kitchens, that is.


  3. These pictures are so interesting….. another “peek” into life on the other side of the planet. The teapot and cup are beautiful! I’m very intrigued by the ‘flat bread’ and wonder if that is something sweet or savory and then what is on top of it?


  4. Nice to see a picture of you! And food pictures are always interesting. Is there a reason for the magazines being discontinued, other than the pandemic, during which I would think we need to read more!


    • Oh Joni, this is probably me at my worst after a day spent tramping around historical sites and standing in the wind. I am not sure why the magazines have been discontinued – perhaps they were no longer economically viable? Some, like the one in the photograph, now appear every second month while others simply disappeared.

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    • Gesondheid – I thought you might look at the drinks with a discerning eye! My choice is Milk Stout (Guinness is too expensive) and the Windhoek was for the photographer.

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  5. Nice one! At first glance I thought you were pointing down πŸ‘‡ at the bottle on the table in #1 rather than holding a stirring implement.



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