The weather is warming up and spiders of all sizes are coming out. This one was on my sink:

And this one lurked near the light switch in my study:

I remind myself that spiders are an effective home pest control for they eat mosquitoes, flies and and even clothes moths and so I leave them in peace to get on with their job.

37 thoughts on “TWO SPIDERS

  1. Since I removed the painting hanging on the wall in my bedroom above my bed where they used to hide…they now can roam freely again in my house


  2. This looks like our Grass Spider. They make such interesting nests. I have never seen one inside my house. Here I rarely see a spider inside until fall. Then they come in.


    • I understand that most spiders are harmless. Despite this I can understand our inborn ‘fear’ / dislike of them, for the very thought of one walking over me gives me the shivers. They are fine on the wall or the curtains.

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  3. I’m terrified of spiders Anne and I can deal with them a little outside if I can give them wide berth, inside the house, I get really upset … nothing is funnier that imaging a 5’9″ (175 cm) woman paralyzed in fear by a spider or centipede. I will send you a link separately since you don’t mind spiders. This is a photographer I follow – he enjoys macro photography and writes a blog about mindfulness. As Halloween nears each year he posts a photo of a big spider. I’d have a heart attack if I saw this. 🙂


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