Forty-eight years ago today I embarked on an adventure that continues to this day. A momentous decision made then saw me moving back to my university town from the coast. Among the adventures there were regularly hiking in the Drakensberg and visiting game reserves in the now KwaZulu Natal as well as becoming a mother for the first time and then another. The move to Johannesburg was a short-lived revelation that led to putting down roots in the then independent homeland of Bophuthatswana. I became a mother again, endured terrific dust storms and met a group of people so wonderful that I cried when I left to let my tap root find its way in the land of my maternal ancestors in the Eastern Cape. The latter happened thirty-three years ago.

Of course the ‘I’ had become a ‘we’:

Through all the adventures of rock climbing, hiking, travelling, motherhood, moving home, and bringing up children; enduring storms, riots, muddy roads and dealing with whatever life has thrown at us – good or unpleasant – I have had my lifelong friend and companion at my side. We have made a good team and my life has been enriched by the event of forty-eight years ago – it still feels like yesterday!

68 thoughts on “FORTY-EIGHT YEARS AGO

  1. Baie geluk, Anne. Dis so goed om te hoor jy praat van jou man as jou lewenslange vriend, julle is voorwaar geseënd.🌺 Mooi foto van julle.


  2. What a romantic post. It makes me happy that you and yours are so happy and content.
    Love seeing a picture of the beginning of you adventure through life partner. May your journey continue to satisfy.


  3. Hearty congratulations, Anne!
    I don’t think I’ve seen many grooms happier than the one featured in this photo.
    May you be blessed with many more anniversaries, every one of them to be celebrated in happiness and good health.


    • I sewed the dress with the help of my mother over a weekend when we visited my parents on their farm. The flowers for my hair were everlastings we had picked in the Drakensberg and given to a florist to bind into a circle – a nod to all the years we had spent hiking there together.

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