These three items caught my eye in the garden.

The feather of a Laughing Dove that floated down to land among some decomposing leaves.

A piece of lichen-covered bark lying on the path next to a ripe Syringa berry.

The empty shell of a snail on the driveway next to the scarlet seed of the Erythrina caffra.

27 thoughts on “THREE GARDEN CLOSE-UPS

      • Yes, we can fascinated with the unusual sometimes. Today I was taking photos of cattails exploding. I’m thinking you may not have marshy areas where cattails (a/k/a bulrushes) grow. They are interesting to see up close – like a sausage bursting from its skin. I just have a flip phone and I think it does take pictures, but I usually have the digital compact with me. I use it more than the big camera. Today was such a gray day and rain was coming this afternoon, so it is easier to pop it in my jacket than worry about running for cover a mile or two from my car.

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