I came across this lovely poem about a dandelion this morning and think it is worth sharing:
With puff of breath
entwined with a wish
my energetic breath aims out.

Out toward dandelion.
And like sacred flying fairies
the little seeds take flight.

Ready to plant firmly
in break of day.

Thank you dandelion
for roaring with airs whisper
to move in grace
to go into Mothers soil
and bring a dream to sprout.

StarBG ยฉ 2017

Dandelions (Taraxacum officinale), familiar to many the world over, are hardy perennial that grow in most areas in South Africa. That they continue to survive in our long drought is proof of their hardiness! I like their bright yellow flowers that pop up all over the place when nothing else dares to bloom. Although I have not tried them, freshly picked leaves contain important vitamins and minerals.


  1. I often wonder when and who exactly decided dandelions are weeds. To me they’re beautiful enough to adorn a garden, and if you can use them in a salad surely they’re vegetables?


  2. We have them in Maine, too. My grandmother, who grew up on a farm in rural northern Maine, used to love dandelion greens. I expect that after a long winter of eating preserved food, that jolt of pungent green—some might call it bitter—was most welcome.


  3. They are a valuable food for pollinators and as you pointed out, food for us as well. Add to that the fact that they will grow just about anywhere, they are an under-appreciated gift. I love seeing a lawn or field full of their golden blooms!


  4. Amazingly, I had them in Spring and I was raking leaves and there were still a few around. Too bad everything else is not as hardy. I lost 3/4s of my perennial/butterfly garden with the first Polar Vortex arrived in January 2014. Most of my plants and bushes were planted in 1985 and did not survive. But a dandelion is perky after a few hard freezes?


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