I am pleased to report that my garden today is wet. Yes, really: it is wet, wet, wet and although the rain has made way for the sun, leaves are dripping – some are even weighing down the branches with the weight of rain. This is a sight for sore eyes – 28mm of rain!

Rain means mud and mud means that the Lesser-striped Swallows can proceed with their urgent task of constructing their mud nest under the eaves.

A Hadeda Ibis chick balances on the edge of the precarious nest in the back garden.

While a beautiful nest woven by an excited Southern Masked Weaver bobs up and down with no tenants – it was obviously not deemed to be good enough when the female inspected it!

My teeny weeny patch of flowers has got a new lease of life – just when I thought it was soon going to revert to being a bare patch of ground.

A very old hibiscus has come into bloom.

So has the indigenous Plumbago.

A matter of weeks ago I thought I would have to remove the Christ thorns lining the front path.

All over the garden the Crossberries are coming into bloom.

As is the very beautiful Cape Chestnut tree.


42 thoughts on “NOVEMBER 2021 GARDEN

  1. Such beauty! Your post resonates with me; living in an arid area, I understand the joy of rainfall, the precious mm! The cape chestnut tree is breath taking. Thank you for sharing this beauty.


  2. Amazing what a little rain can do – your flowers are gorgeous Anne. This is the first year I can remember having bright green grass in October, even November, but we had so many torrential rains in the Summer and Fall. As a general rule, by 4th of July our lawns are brown and crispy from the heat.


    • This morning we have been greeted with a clear blue sky and bright sunshine that highlights the different greens in the garden – what a pleasant change from brown and crispy 🙂

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      • You did luck out – perfect for the garden. We have had solid rain since Wednesday night. It was a gloomy and wet Thanksgiving. Still, many people ran in the Turkey Troy, a huge 5K in Downtown Detroit and the big Thanksgiving Day Parade, both held in the rain.

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