After years of drought, parts of the country are now complaining about having received too much rain. Dams are full and in places farmers cannot sow their crops in water-logged lands. That is not the case here, where we could do with a lot more rain before our collective water woes are over. I still rejoice every time even the lightest drops fall and love the hues of green that show up abundantly; the wild flowers that peep through the grass; and the droplets of water that collect on leaves. I enjoy the freshness of the newly-washed air and the fact that seeds I plant actually have the opportunity to sprout.

The beautiful show of Gladiolus dalenii is almost over – these flowers have delighted me every time I walk out of my kitchen door. What better canvas to choose to highlight the raindrops:

34 thoughts on “CELEBRATING RAIN

  1. We’ve had a few of serious downpours up here in Jo’burg, this past week or two and the pond is brimming and the veggies are going nuts – bit like triffids! .


      • Never saw the film. Not one for scary stuff these days. I suspect I might even have to hide behind the couch if Sesame Street was on.
        BTW, I wouldn’t go on about Springbok Radio, it gives away your age!
        Of course I have no idea WHAT you are talking about , being only a young lad!


  2. One of the things I really like about rain is the fresh scent and feeling of cleaned air. I hope your area continues to receive reviving rain and not the destructive rain that can and does hit an area. Hopefully the soil has softened and can accept what continues to fall in your area.
    Your gladiolus is beautiful. It would be fun to have a blouse made of those colors.


    • Gracious me, Lisa, I have just come indoors from enjoying a refreshing swim in our pool. Earlier I thought I would pull out the grass that has invaded a flower bed and almost covered a path. I managed to pull up enough to fill a wheelbarrow before calling it quits because the ground is still much too hard! We could definitely do with more soaking rain.


  3. What beautiful flowers, Anne. I was actually wondering whether you’ve had a share of the rain that wreaked so much havoc in the Eastern Cape recently. Good or bad, weather is fascinating.


    • That will take an awfully long time, Dries. I see cattle in two of the dams I pass in the countryside that have been dry for years and estimate that the water there won’t even reach my knees yet.


  4. Lovely photos Anne. I do hope you get more rain. It would be great if the rain distribution could be a bit more even – some areas are having so much and others so little. We have had a lot of ongoing heavy rain. Rain storms are an almost daily occurrence.

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      • That’s how they felt in California when they had the onslaught of rain a few years ago. I know you compared their weather conditions to yours. Their Governor has told Californians they must return to rationing water again, despite the recent snow. (No watering the grass for three days after a rainstorm for example.)


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