One of the joys of living in the Eastern Cape is the abundance of plumbago blooming in gardens and all over the veld:

There are also these trumpet-shaped white flowers which I have not yet identified:

The Schotia afra is putting forth its scarlet blooms too:

The mother-in-laws-tongue (Sanseviera hyacinthoides) that has been flowering in the veld is also coming into bloom in my garden:

Looking very pretty in bare patches are a variety of succulents such as this ice-plant:

Lastly, are the crossberries that are coming into flower:


  1. Pretty! The white flower looks like a type of Jasmine, is it fragrant? The last one opens like a magnolia… I looked it up and it isn’t related, but a member of the Malva family.


  2. So fun to see all the green and blossoms. As I was chipping ice out of the birdbath today since it warmed up some.


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