Zebras feature very often in this blog, which is no wonder for they are a magnet for me. They look beautiful out in the wild and so, how can one resist photographing these two standing so closely together?

As you can tell, I find zebras endlessly fascinating – look at this gangly youngster.

Zebras swish their tails to get rid of flies.

They also occasionally rest a hoof.

Zebras close-crop the grass.

This is what their heads look like underneath.


38 thoughts on “ZEBRAS UP CLOSE

  1. I never researched it, but when I joined a safari in Kenya, they told us that every Zebra is unique, the pattern they have is like a fingerprint, there is no other. Awesome pictures, Anne.


  2. I could never accuse you of showing too many zebra photographs, Anne. They’re such photogenic animals! And you’ve done a marvelous job, here and in previous posts, of showing them off beautifully.


      • Much like horses they also have very interesting personalities. This only comes to the fore when you sit and watch their social interactions. People who don’t give them more than a passing glance would miss all that drama.


  3. I love equines and Zebras are the most unusual looking of these animals. They are so hansome. I always enjoy seeing your photos. You have a unique view of them. I only get to see them in zoos.


    • Your comment makes me appreciate all the more how fortunate we are to see these animals in the wild. I am pleased that you have enjoyed these photographs, Lisa.


  4. Really great close-ups of these zebras Anne. I think I may have seen them in the zoo, but it’s been decades since I’ve been to a zoo – gad I can enjoy seeing them here on your blog.


  5. These are beautiful pics Anne. You have such a keen eye for detail. I had one look at the image of the resting hoof, which looked a little worn down to my unpractised eye, and the next moment I found myself studying the anatomy of a horse’s hoof on Google, hahaha.


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