In farming ploughs are used to turn over the uppermost layer of soil in order to bring fresh nutrients to the surface whilst burying weeds and crop remains to decay and so create more nutrients. Of course a single furrow plough can only create one furrow at a time! Using one makes the task of preparing a land for planting a time-consuming one – yet this was all my parents had when they began farming.

This one is displayed outside the popular Daggaboer Padstal situated along the N10 to Cradock – another relic of farm implements from bygone days.


27 thoughts on “SINGLE FURROW PLOUGH

  1. My dad used a plough behind a team of horses when he first started farming. He didn’t buy a tractor until 1948, against his father’s wishes, who wondered what would happen to the team of horses which were eventually sold. I can’t even imagine how time consuming it would have been.


    • Joni, I have enjoyed reading this response and can empathise very strongly with the sentiments expressed. It is interesting to learn of the concern about the horses.

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  2. I saw my grandfather plow with one of those and many times I accompanied him by putting my childish hands on the handle of the plow. I remember the march of the horse in front and the strength that the farmer needed so that the plow did not deviate from the desired line. The smell of freshly plown earth and birds taking advantage of the removed earth to look for worms and earthworms. Thank you for bringing all that to my memory.


    • Oh Walter, this is a delightful memory! Thank you for sharing the smell of the freshly turned earth and, yes, the birds feasting on earthworms and beetles. This description brings this plough to life once more 🙂

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