Intricately woven patterns on the trunk of a fig tree.

The rough splitting of bark.

Spoor of an antelope in soft sand.

A damp Lesser-striped Swallow fluffing up its feathers.

24 thoughts on “NATURAL PATTERNS III

  1. Liking the relief sculpture the fig tree has fashioned for itself.



  2. All are interesting patterns. I like the fig tree. I am always fascinated with them. They look so complex. This swallow is one of the prettiest I have seen. It looks so lively even while perched.


    • This swallow was one of a pair that was nesting inside the camp kitchen in the Addo Elephant National Park. The two of them would fly in and out of their nest then perch here for a break before flying off again.


    • The twisting of these aerial roots (which I suspect have been trimmed as this tree is at a picnic site) has made interesting patterns.


    • Your comment set me off to look at images of DΓΌrer’s woodcuts, which are even more intricate and beautiful than I recall. You have drawn an interesting comparison here.

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