It is common knowledge that rust – oxidation – is the result of iron, or metal alloys containing iron, being exposed to the elements – oxygen and water – over a period of time. From a distance the rich hues of this rusty fence post stands out in the veld. The snipped off wires a clear indication that it is no longer needed.

The pitted surface is clear in a closer view. Even this abandoned metal fence post has provided shelter for a creature.

The next four photographs were taken in our local cemetery. The first is from a railing surrounding a grave over two hundred years old.

Sadly, this twisted broken end tells an all too common tale of the vandalism of graves by scrap metal collectors. Not only has it caught a winged seed of a plant, but has clearly provided a useful perch for a bird.

This is one of very few remaining caps on what is left of rails around a different grave – most of the others have been twisted or sawn off.

Who can tell for how much longer these curled metal shapes will remain before they too are removed for a pittance.

The rust borne of ages past.

30 thoughts on “RUST OF AGES

  1. Rusty items in a garden is a trend in gardening now. Rust can certainly be a beautiful the right circumstance. Your pictures tell the tale.


    • Sadly, even some of the plaques from our national monuments have been removed by unscrupulous people and sold as scrap metal. Scrap merchants have a lot to answer for.


  2. Here in the UK the rules onm scrap have tightened and only licensed dealers can accept it and they have to be able to show it was honestly come by. I love that the metal is hard to work but also turned into graceful shapes and becomes, as it rusts, very delicate. Lovely photos (as usual!)


  3. I love these pics….we have an old cemetery next to our Vermont farm, and its decorative iron fence and gate look just like these, the fancy square supports for the gate eaten away to near collapse. I am about to send you 73 pages of Sacred Flaw with great thanks for your interest.


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