As we will be away for a while, I thought of taking stock of our garden this morning. Here is a frog rescued from the swimming pool:

The Hairy Golden Orb-weaver spider is still standing guard over the front path. If anything, its web is even larger than before. I caught it in the midst of its breakfast:

Moving towards a shady part of the garden, my eyes lit up at the sight of a few Crocosmia blossoms:

The carpet of moss under the trees is doing well, especially after a light shower of rain yesterday:

Even though something has been attacking the zinnia plants growing in a pot, I was pleased to see this bud a day or two ago:

Which, by today, had opened to reveal the beauty within:

35 thoughts on “APRIL 2022 GARDEN

  1. Your frog is gorgeous, Anne.
    I take it as a given you are happy with your hubby and did not feel the need to kiss this frog?
    Ha ha!!
    It’s markings looks a bit different to the common River Frogs I’ve found around our pond.
    Is it a different species, do you know?


  2. Little froggie went to hopping in the wrong place. It is lucky you found him.
    Have a great time with your Grands.


    • Dankie, Una. 34 jaar gelede het dit soos ‘n woestyn gelyk en toe het ons bome geplant. Ek gebruik geen gifstowwe nie, so dit is altyd interessant om te sien wat hier kom kuier πŸ™‚


  3. Good save on the frog…I hope his skin is okay from the salt. Dracula is still at it, I see!
    I love zinnias, they are so cheerful and look forward to planting mine in a month or so.
    Enjoy your trip to see your family, I bet it is overdue!


    • I find that even during the drought there are interesting things to see in the garden. We have enjoyed some light rain over the past few days and growing things seem to respond almost immediately.

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