Gardening during these times of drought means being water-wise. Planting a variety of succulents makes sense – and there is an endless variety to choose from!



23 thoughts on “EARTH DAY 2022

  1. Another reminder of how different other places are. I wish I could send you some of our rain – we could spare some easily


    • Our part of the country is still in dire need of rain – while other parts of the country have experienced horrendous floods. There is no doubt that weather patterns are changing.

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  2. I too love succulents. The colors of their petals and their blooms are always spectacular. There are only a few that can survive in our climate. I admire them from afar.


  3. OOps, I meant to tell you Happy Earth Day. I wonder what will become of the earth with the way the climate is changing.


  4. beauty



  5. I like succulents – we have places out West where there are huge cactus gardens. In California they may only water their lawns once per week due to drought conditions. We have too much water and wish we could share.


      • Yes, sadly and they had that rain which brought forth the wildflowers on the mountains a few years ago, now drought-like conditions again. A fellow blogger is traveling through the Southwest and described dust getting into their RV like they had never seen – this is with doors and windows shut, not coming through the screens either. She said everything had a fine layer of dust on it.

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