We drove out of Cape Town as the sun rose and worked our way past already busy early morning traffic.

As we approached Somerset West, the thick early morning mist mixed with the smoke of small fires burning next to the road to keep groups of commuters warm while they waited for their buses or taxis. We also encountered low cloud and very slow traffic up Sir Lowry’s Pass which crosses the Hottentots-Holland mountain range between Somerset West and the Elgin valley.

Much further on, the N2 took us along the well-known Garden Route, where one occasionally drives with tall indigenous forest trees on either side, and on to our home in the Eastern Cape.

Home was two days away and so our first stop was at the popular Houw Hoek Farm Stall for a very welcome cup of coffee.

It was still early in the morning and fellow travellers were wrapped up against the icy wind as they scurried to their vehicles instead of enjoying the tables and chairs dotted about outdoors. Inside, I drooled at the fantastic displays of dried fruit, baked goods and fresh vegetables. Not this time … the coffee proved to be the refreshment I needed to take my turn at the wheel until we stopped at the Ebb and Flow Camp in Wilderness. The Houw Hoek Farm Stall nonetheless has a place in my notebook reminding me to stop there for longer – perhaps even for a meal – the next time we drive down to Cape Town.

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