Long before the first light shows behind the hills, the nightjars have fallen silent to make way for the morning sounds to begin. It pleases me to listen to the gradual awakening of the birds as they each add a gentle layer to the growing dawn chorus. Cape white-eyes chatter excitedly; African green pigeons chuckle quietly; while a Cape robin-chat defends its territory with low grunts.

While the sky is still a blank canvas of brightening soft grey suffused with pink, the Hadeda ibises begin fidgeting in the fig tree. The rustling sound of their feathers works its way through the branches until one ibis calls out reluctantly … a faraway reply can be heard giving the signal for the raucous calls to break the morning peace – along with the first vehicles passing by. A vivid smudge of orange intensifies above the horizon followed by fingers of light glowing low through the trees. The hadedas fan out across the valley, calling loud greetings as they go. Close by a Red-eyed dove persistently tells me it’s the ‘better get started’ time and a crow calls gruffly from a treetop. It is in the high branches and on the telephone cable where the Laughing doves meet to catch the warming rays of the rising sun.

As it rises higher, the sun highlights the yellow blossoms of the canary creeper.

Another day has begun.


24 thoughts on “AN EARLY MORNING

  1. Excellent description Anne, but I lately the birds have been chirping up a storm as early at 5am which is much too early for me! It’s lighter earlier now that spring is here…


  2. That’s a nice description of early morn. I am an early riser. This morning it was pouring raining and storming and the birds huddled on the brick window ledge behind my head mumbling away … I knew it was going to storm, so I could sleep in (or so I thought)!


  3. Such a beautiful post, Anne. Your narration had me experiencing it all with you 🙂 It is the magpie robin who wakes me up without fail with its sweet song at 4-30 a.m. or thereabouts every morning 🙂


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